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Talentti Arts School

Talentti Arts School is located at Espoo Christian School. At Talentti [talent] you can develop your own skills, especially in music and drama. 

We are developing the Arts School curriculum and considering including new fields in our programme. Various art forms can already be included in our curriculum as multidisciplinary art periods (dance, visual arts, literature). 

We have our classes in the afternoon, after school. They are open to all, and the courses also serve other pupils, communities and interest groups. You do not have to be a pupil at Espoon Christian School to study at Talentti. 

At Talentti Arts School we have joint programmes with Espoo Christian School and its clubs (plays and musicals) and put on great matinée performances.  

Basic Education in the Arts, Extended Syllabus 

We have applied for a licence to offer the Extended Syllabus in Basic Education in the Arts. The Extended Syllabus develops more skills in self-expression and provides the competence to pursue vocational or higher education in the Arts. 

The Cultivating Effects of the Arts 

The cooperation of the Arts School with Espoo Christian School opens up new opportunities for producing musicals, concerts and other performances together. It gives Arts School pupils a chance to use their talents and gain positive experiences while showing their skills. The Arts School has a positive influence on our School’s communal spirit, which prevents problems such as bullying.  

Creative and exciting Arts classes with schoolmates infuse self-confidence and courage in the pupils, and – at the same time – enable children and young people to have a meaningful impact.    

Description of the Studies 


Music is studied weekly in individual classes (instruments, singing) and in bands which, for the time being, are goal-oriented music clubs. 

In music classes you study instruments (violin, saxophone, clarinet, drums, bass, piano) or singing.  

In the bands, pupils learn to play together and to develop their basic musical skills. 

Dramatic Arts

Dramatic Arts are studied weekly in groups. The classes take 45 to 90 minutes depending on the age and level of the pupil. 

An individual study path can start before school age and continue until adulthood. On average, it takes 8 to 10 years to complete the general syllabus.  

The general syllabus consists of 500 hours of musical education, after which the pupils are awarded a certificate. 

At a later stage, the pupils may take on the Extended Syllabus if they have the necessary skills. 

Contact Information

Katriina Junttila, katriina.junttila (at), p. 040 7736206.

Contact Information