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About us

Espoo Christian School and Aarteet Kindergarten provide daycare and comprehensive school education in the capital region. We do not charge tuition fees for our preschool or comprehensive school education. We follow the National Core Curriculum. 

In our activities, we follow a Christian worldview and idea of humanity. We provide children and young people with the best possible skills that will benefit them as individuals and in society. 

A Safe, Enthusiastic and Modern Community 

We improve our operations by responding to the challenges set by society around us. We have been developing bilingual teaching. Our language-enriched teaching will be enhanced when the school is granted a licence for bilingual education. 

High-quality education is at the core of what we do, and we invest in it wholeheartedly and with all our professional skills. This is reflected in our excellent learning outcomes. We provide the best possible skills for further education. 

We support the growth of children and young people so that they can discover and learn to embrace their skills and talents. Our desire is that all our pupils reach their full potential in all areas of life. 

Association and Collaboration 

Our school and kindergarten are run by the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Boards of the Espoo Christian School Support Association. 

Support Association 

The Support Association advances Christian education in the school and the kindergarten. The Board of Directors run its activities and ensures that the financial and operational needs of the Association, school and kindergarten are met. 

Supervisory Boards 

The Supervisory Boards develop the supportive and educational aspects of the school and kindergarten, and advance collaboration between the boards, families and other stakeholders in society. The Boards also represent the views of pupils and their guardians. 

Guardians’ Network – PTA 

The parent–teacher association is open to all guardians. It develops the collaboration between families and the school and kindergarten. It is also involved in fundraising. You are very welcome to join the Guardians’ Network! 

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