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Our Story 

We aim to sustain and promote Christian values throughout the school journey of children and young people. For us it is an honour to support guardians in bringing up their children. High-quality education is at the core of what we do and we invest in it wholeheartedly and with all our professional skills. We have grown into a community of hundreds of children and young people. You are very welcome to join us on our journey! 

Our story started with a Support Association in 1995. The following year, 1996, Eskimo Kindergarten accepted its first children. 

Espoo Christian School started in 1999. The school has been in temporary premises throughout its history, for more than 20 years. We have held classes in church clubrooms, basements, in a former bank office in a shopping mall, in a former bank institute and now, since 2012, in an office building in Karamalmi.  

Over the years we have grown into a community of hundreds of children and young people. Our numbers have risen every year. Our long-time dream will become reality as we move into purpose-built facilities in Matinkylä in December 2021. 

A Long-Time Dream Becomes Reality 

At the turn of 2021/22 our long-time dream will become reality: we will move into purpose-built facilities in Matinkylä. The safe and modern premises will enhance our operations even more. 

We provide our pupils and children in early childhood education and care with versatile facilities for learning and recreational activities. We consider it important to equip each pupil with wings that are strong enough to enable them to make a difference in the world.  

Join us on our journey! 

Christian Values 

Our values at Espoo Christian School are based on a Christian worldview and idea of humanity. We grow and learn in interaction with one another. 

Our aim is for everyone to flourish in a safe and supportive atmosphere. We want to help deepen each pupil’s relationship with him- or herself, others, God and the surrounding world. 

  1. We are all valuable. 
  1. Reach your full potential. 
  1. A culture of respect. 
  1. We have an influence and are committed. 

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