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Espoo Christian School

We are a growing school that provides education all the way from preschool to the end of lower secondary school in accordance with the National Core Curriculum. We do not charge school fees. 

A Safe and Warm Atmosphere 

In our school, pupils of all ages work together and get to know each other. We take account our pupils’ individual needs, and there is always a safe adult nearby. We encourage everyone to find and develop their own talents and skills. 

Our instruction is professional and of high quality. We continually develop differentiated teaching to provide suitable and motivating learning challenges for all. 

We strive to learn to respect and appreciate one another and strengthen our sense of belonging. We work on understanding each other and addressing difficult issues together. We settle disputes and immediately intervene in cases of bullying. 

The National Curriculum Is Our Framework 

We follow the National Curriculum and allocate our lesson time accordingly. In our curriculum we have taken account of our special emphasis, our local environment and the opportunities and special features our location offers. We develop our curriculum independently in accordance with the national guidelines. 

Language Programme 

Our language of instruction is Finnish. 

You may study the following languages at our school:  

• A1 English, years 1 and 2  

• A English, long syllabus, years 3 to 9 

• A2 language: French or Spanish, years 3 to 9 

• B1 language: Swedish, years 6 to 9 

• Optional language (depending on demand), years 8 to 9. 

Optional Subjects 

Lower School Optional Artistic and Practical Subjects 

• In years 3 to 6, one lesson per week  

• In years 5 and 6, one lesson per week from a choice of subjects 

• In year 6, two lessons from a choice of subjects 

The optional subjects are taught in six-week short courses. In addition to this, in years 5 and 6 there is the choice of an extra option from a choice of subjects (one lesson per week). 

Secondary School Optional Subjects 

The choice of subjects varies from one year to another. The teaching groups are formed on the basis of the pupils’ choices. 

• In years 8 and 9, the pupils choose a long syllabus of artistic and practical subjects: Physical Education, Arts, Music, Crafts or Home Economics. 

• In addition to this, different years have a varying choice of optional subjects. In recent years we have provided applied courses in artistic and practical subjects, as well as courses in languages, Drama, Creative Writing, Photography, Coding and Science. 

Language Enrichment and Bilingual Teaching 

As a school, we are committed to innovation, and we have been developing language-enriched teaching over the years. 

At primary level, you can choose the English language enriched option for your child. Your child does not have to be proficient in English before you apply for the class. However, your child must speak Finnish at least to some extent. We will have a new language-enriched class in the autumn of 2021. 

Our school is prepared for extensive bilingual teaching. We have applied for a permit for extensive bilingual teaching from the Finnish National Agency for Education. 

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