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New School Premises

Our New School Building in Matinkylä

At the turn of 2021/22, Espoo Christian School has moved into new premises in Matinkylä. Our pupils have now brand new facilities which support our varied activities even better. 

New, Flexible Facilities 

Our modern, spacious and safe facilities are flexible and can be transformed into different learning spaces. The school has been built for 500 pupils. We will use the premises for clubs and hobbies as well as meeting rooms for various communities. Talentti Arts School provides education in music and drama. 

Safety, Quality and Sustainability Come First 

The most important criteria for the new building have been safety, quality and sustainability. The design and construction of the school have been governed by strict standards for cleanliness and sustainability. We have paid special attention to indoor air quality. 

Central Location 

We are centrally located and easy to reach on pedestrian and cycle paths, even for young pupils. Our address is Matinkartanontie 13. 

A Warm and Motivated Community with Big Heart 

We work in education with a big heart. We focus on quality and professionalism as well as on supporting and meeting each pupil as an individual. The atmosphere is warm and inspiring. For us, each person is valuable as they are. 

Together we learn to interact with each other and relate to each other kindly.  Everyone can grow and develop their skills in a safe atmosphere. We support the growth of children and young people so that they can discover new things and learn to embrace their skills and talents.  

Language Enrichment and Bilingual Teaching 

As a school, we are committed to innovation, and we have been developing language-enriched teaching over the years. 

At primary level, you can choose the English language enriched option for your child. Your child does not have to be proficient in English before you apply for the class. However, your child must speak Finnish at least to some extent. We will have a new language-enriched class in the autumn of 2021. 

Our school is prepared for extensive bilingual teaching. We have applied to the Finnish National Agency for Education for a permit for extensive bilingual teaching. 

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