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Bilingual education

In the last few years, Espoo Christian School has been developing bilingual education. As part of a Ministry of Education project, the school offers a bilingual first grade class.

About 25% of the instruction is given in English and 75% in Finnish.

In bilingual teaching students learn languages through learning content in various school subjects. English is used in daily classroom activities, such as morning meetings and in giving instructions.

Those wishing to enroll in the bilingual program must take an aptitude test.  The test consists of a smaller portion in English and a larger portion in Finnish. Students need to have basic Finnish skills to successfully study in the bilingual class. For those students who do not speak Finnish at home and have not learned adequate Finnish elsewhere, instruction preparing for basic education is required.

Instruction preparing for basic education is a service offered by the city of Espoo at various locations in the city. During this preparatory year of instruction, students learn the basics of Finnish needed to attend Finnish school.

Applying for instruction preparing for basic education for Kindergarteners (in Finnish)

Instruction preparing for basic education for elementary school students

Application process

Applying for first grade for the 2024-2025 school year:

Aptitude test

Applicants will be sent an invitation to the aptitude test in January.

If you have questions, please contact the school for more information:

toimisto (at) or laura.kaariainen (at)