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Aarteet & Esikko Kindergarten

Our kindergarten provides early childhood education and care for 3- to 5-year-old children and pre-primary education for 6-year-olds based on a Christian worldview. 

Aarteet Kindergarten is located in Valotalo campus in Matinkylä. Aarteet provides early childhood education for 3- to -5-year-old children and pre-primary education for 6-year-olds. In the center of Matinkylä, a short walking distance from Iso Omena is Esikko Kindergarten. Esikko provides early childhood education for 3- to -5-year-old children and pre-primary education for 6-year-olds.

The overall wellbeing of children is our primary concern therefore it is important for us to work together with the children’s guardians. The sense of joy and care is palpable in our kindergarten. A safe adult supports your child with positive and clear guidance. 

For us it is an honour to teach and nurture children. Children have intrinsic value in God’s eyes. We respect each child’s selfhood, learn together to appreciate each other, and relate to one another in a friendly manner. 

We Support Children’s Development 

We plan and differentiate our activities according to age, individual need and goals in accordance with the national curriculum for early childhood education and care. We also take the children’s interests into consideration. 

Children learn in everyday situations in ways particular to them, by playing, moving around, studying and stretching themselves. 

We favour activities in which the children play and learn in small groups, which develop their interpersonal skills the best.  

In our international atmosphere, languages and cultures meet naturally – what a great blessing it is for us. 

The kindergarten takes part in school projects: plays, celebrations and cultural programmes. 

Pre-Primary Education 

Our pre-primary education meets the requirements set by the National Core Curriculum. Our preschool is free of charge. 

Our key concern is to support the growth and development of each child so that they may start school with confidence. Our goal is to nurture well-balanced children with a positive self-image and a desire to develop their skills of self-control. 

The Main Contents of Pre-Primary Education 

Pre-primary education explores themes within the children’s environment and close to their interests. This enables them to acquire knowledge, skills and the readiness necessary for everyday life. 

Our methods include play and activities, with the starting point being the children’s and the group’s developmental level. 

Contact Information

Kaire Mansberg, Head of Kindergarten, kaire.mansberg (at), p. 044 727 1111

Contact Information